Messy Curls Hairstyle – Who Can Wear It?

Messy Curls Hairstyle – Who Can Wear It?

Desire 2018-03-18

Fashionable hair styling plays an important role in the female image. Messy curls is a hairstyle option that is suitable for every day – whether it is a part of your office look or a finishing touch of your evening wear. The naturalness of such styling represents a woman in a favorable light and is suitable for different life situations. Messy curls can be easily done; the hairstyle doesn’t require a lot of your time. Having practiced several times, you can learn to spend a minimum of time to get an excellent result.

Who Can Wear Messy Curls?

Messy curls look great on many women; this is what makes their actual hairstyle really special. Beauty industry experts say that the curls are suitable for absolutely everyone; the only question is that they may look differently. When selecting curls, it is recommended to consider the following appearance features:

  • Face shape – Messy curls fit absolutely any face shape, whether it is round, oval, or square;
  • Facial features – Large parts of the face (nose, lips, eyes) are a sign that the curls should be placed in the direction of the face. If face features are tiny and accurate, curls should be directed in the opposite direction (from the face). This hairstyle will make the cheekbones open; thus, the face will become more expressive;
  • The length of the neck – The long neck allows you to successfully pick up any curls. On the other hand, it is not the best idea to wear short curls if you have a short neck; only large curls are suitable in this case;
  • Hair length – Messy curls look good on short hair as well as on medium length and long. But each length requires a special approach to curl styling. We strongly recommend you to consult your hair stylist first!

Everyone can wear messy curls and look attractive and bright. The only case when the curls are not the best solution is split bits. Scruffy hair must first be properly done, and then you can experiment with hairstyles. In all other cases, natural curls will give a female image of sexuality, tenderness, and originality.

Give it a try, and you will see how a hairstyle can change the way your face look like. They will add tenderness and sexuality to your look! Do not be afraid to experiment – you will definitely be happy with the result! If you were waiting for a sign to make some changes in your hairstyle – so here it is. Don’t wait – just call your hairdresser.

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