Medium-Hair Hairstyles That Are 100% in Trend

Medium-Hair Hairstyles That Are 100% in Trend

Desire 2018-02-06

A stylish haircut always makes a woman feel confident and beautiful. Therefore, you must regularly visit your favorite hairstyle wizard in the salon and update your hairstyle as well as your hair color. Long hair and large curls never get out of fashion trends, so do not rush to part with them. In this post, you will find the best haircuts and hairstyles that are 100% trendy. So let’s go!

Trend #1 – Messy Curls

According to the Hollywood fashion recipe, elastic curls are hardly suitable for relaxed casual-outs, but their careless, “crumbly” form harmoniously look with almost any style. That is why they are so popular among Hollywood celebrities, such as Sienna Miller – messy curls have become almost a visiting card of the actress. The hairstyle will give your image a light, romantic sound. By the way, it is just the perfect solution for the spring season.

Trend #2 – Hair Bundle

Hair bundles of Audrey Hepburn have initiated the entire era of special hairstyles associated with the feeling of elegance and ballet sophistication. We are not talking about some banal hairstyles here: there is a multitude of options that will perfectly suit absolutely any style and look. You are lucky if you have long hair – large and spectacular hair bundles are the very privilege for those looking for image changes.

Trend #3 – Loose Hair with Curly Ends

It is a favorite hairstyle of the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton adores elegance and moderately in styling, and lose hair with curly ends is the perfect royal “sample” of our selection. One of the favorite options of the Duchess: loose hair with slightly curled ends – a spectacular alternative to rich and bright curls, as well as a “tasty” haircut for girls with thick, naturally lush hair, like Liv Tyler and Lana Del Rey.

Trend #4 – Asymmetrical Hair Shapes

The image of the “schoolgirl” has long been out of fashion: a sloppy, “lively” haircut shape is what you need if you are in a rush about how to organize a stylish hairstyle. It will make your appearance fresh. Do not be afraid of changing something in your hairstyle. Asymmetry will make you look special and stylish, just like Jen Anniston.

Such hairstyles are, of course, fashionable today; however, they require some time to be made. Indeed, unlike a short haircut, which may look good immediately after you just wake up, the choice of such a haircut should be taken with great responsibility. If you do not know what option will suit you best of all, consult your stylist. He will definitely advise you on the most suiting hairstyle option based on the form of your face, color scheme, and your hair texture.

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