How to Choose a Personal Hairdresser?

How to Choose a Personal Hairdresser?

Desire 2018-07-20
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Searching for a skillful hairdresser who is a real expert in his business? That’s not an easy thing! A professional hairdresser should have the talent of the artist, knowledge of the doctor, and the psychologist’s instinct. As the French proverb says, finding a good hairdresser is the same difficult as getting married successfully. As well as the ideal life partner, your personal hairdresser should understand you at 100%! So how to distinguish a good hairdresser?

Tip #1 – First Impression

It is hardly possible that a hairdresser will do magic with your hair on your first “date.” However, a good hairdresser should at least make you well-groomed hair or a stylish haircut.

Tip #2 – How He Works

Your first visit to the master may be time-consuming for you – because you know each other very little. To create a masterpiece out of your hair, a hairdresser must understand and feel who is in front of him. Do not be embarrassed by his attentive gaze: he needs not only to assess the quality and type of your hair but also to understand your lifestyle, catch your style, remember the features and shape of your face.

Tip #3 – Let Him Argue

You may often come to the master with an exact idea about your future hairstyle. Of course, the hairdresser will listen to you and will quickly find something similar in the fashion magazine. It may be so that the maestro agrees with your choice. However, the opposite can happen as well. The master may begin to gently object you and propose an alternative solution. Do not rush to get angry, listen to him instead. A professional hairdresser is ready to offer you the best idea and its implementation. Trust him because the main task of this person is to make you look beautiful and unique.

Tip #4 – Watch His Hands

A good hairdresser can be recognized by the way he dexterously handles scissors and other professional tools, wielding them like a real juggler. While working, your master can talk with you about everything – about your hair, work, the latest film, the weather, fashion updates, and world travels. He is a great psychologist and will easily tune in to your wave.

At the same time, your personal hairdresser will not forget to show you very serious things in practice: how to apply gel and serum, etc.

Anything Else You Should Know?

By the way, do not forget to visit your master at least once every two months. The most successful haircut requires efforts to maintain it, and chic and elegance are impossible without neatness. And try to come to the hairdresser in a good mood!