Blunt Bob – How to Rock Your Edge?

Blunt Bob – How to Rock Your Edge?

Desire 2018-09-11

When searching for a new image and style update, many girls dream of changing their hairstyle. Cutting long hair is always difficult. But if you want to wear blunt bob, then we recommend you to start with a longer one. You can always make it shorter, but waiting for the hair to grow is never a good thing.

The elongated blunt bob looks good both on thick and very heavy hair, making the latter look chic. If the hair is curly, this hairstyle will hardly look fine since it will be impossible to keep its form. Cutting the elongated blunt bob on medium hair is an excellent option for those who have a long neck. Otherwise, you should prefer the classic version of this hairstyle. All in all, blunt bob is just a suitable haircut for those who do not want to mess with styling.

How to Choose a Hairstyle?

You should always pick a hairstyle based on the face form. Find below here a few recommendations on who should wear a blunt bob:

  • It is just a perfect option for women with an oval face. The fact is that due to some nuances of the hairstyle, you can correct the way your face looks like. for example, wide cheekbones can easily hided by a four-inch-long blunt bob;
  • The haircut visually makes the face more round; you can just need to select the right form;
  • If you want to make your face look more round, then it is best to cut a blunt bob to the cheek-bone zone;
  • If you have a square face, then the form of the blunt bob will easily hide its flaws. Wavy hair is just perfect in this case. For a square face, it is good to wear the elongated blunt bob, which visually makes the face oval;
  • With a triangular face, the asymmetrical version of the blunt bob will distract the attention from the narrow chin;
  • If the face is narrow, in that case, the elongated haircut of this kind will make the face look even longer.

So How to Wear Blunt Bob?

A blunt bob helps to create an image. With such a haircut, a woman can look like a businesswoman, strict lady, and even a mischievous girl. There is a variety of haircuts that allow each lady to show their individuality. Any type of hairstyle looks stylish and quite interesting. In addition, you can experiment a bit with your image and add a special highlight by using contrasting bright elements, deep thinning, or asymmetry. Bold solutions will help you create a unique and individual style.

With all its advantages, the elongated blunt bob still requires careful care and proper hair styling. Be ready for the fact that you will need to refresh the haircut every month and put it in the way so that the hairstyle does not look shapeless and unkempt. Before deciding on the haircut, make sure to consult a stylist on the site, who can help you with choosing the haircut length and form link.

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