8 Useful Hair Styling Tips for Busy Women

8 Useful Hair Styling Tips for Busy Women

Desire 2019-11-15
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If you still doubt that it is possible to have a stylish hairstyle in the morning, we will try to dispel the myth and provide a few recommendations. Quick hair styling is not a myth but a proven fact – we will reveal all the secrets to you.

Secret #1 – Use Microfiber Towels

The fluffy terry towels absorb moisture much more slowly than those of modern microfiber. And this significantly reduces the time for drying and styling hair. Remember about how to use any towels on the hair – you just need to gently soak the hair, without rubbing them. Otherwise, the hair cuticle will be damaged, resulting in hair brittleness and splitting.

Secret #2 – Use an Ion Hair Dryer

The ionization function allows not only to dry the hair several times faster; it makes the procedure less harmful to the hair. An ionic hair dryer more delicately affects the hair.

Secret #3 – Use Special Tools for Fast Hair Styling

Have you already tried sprays? Today, these can be found just in any shop. Just apply a little amount of spray on wet hair – this will speed up their drying in several times. Please note that many of these sprays also have a heat-shielding function, which is always a nice and useful bonus!

Secret #4 – Check Videos on YouTube

There is nothing more beautiful than a simple hairstyle. Therefore, you should not complicate your task in the morning – just choose a suitable master class from a huge amount of videos on Youtube and follow all the steps together with the master.

Secret #5 – Use Dry Shampoo

If you have curly hair, we have a little secret that will help you create your styling in the morning quickly. To do this, you will need a dry shampoo and a brush. Using a hair straightener, straighten hair at the roots and then sprinkle it with dry shampoo. This will allow you not only to appease the raging curls but also to make the hairstyle neat.

Secret #6 – Do the Curls

If you really like curls, then we have great news. Now you can do them much faster than before. To do this, collect the hair in the tail, divide them into parts and twist the individual parts. You can leave them collected, and you can dissolve and sprinkle with dry shampoo to keep the volume.

Secret #7 – Use a Diffuser

To make your hair look fresher, you can use a diffuser. Place the comb-massage brush at the hair roots and make light circular motions. To add volume over the entire hair length, style the hair passing the entire hair length – from the roots to the ends – with a diffuser.

Secret #8 – Use a Serum

To save your styling, remember that no hair is protected from changes in its texture. Use a serum that will create a barrier against moisture over the entire hair length: choose a product with a light texture and remember that a few drops will be enough to not weigh down the hair.