latest hair color trend

What is the latest hair color trend

latest hair color trend

What is the latest hair color trend

Desire 2023-05-25
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Trendy hair colors for 2023 should not only help you stand out from the crowd, but also make you happy. Trace Henningsen, Leonor Greyl’s top stylist and brand ambassador, insists it doesn’t matter what shade your hair will be as long as it’s bright and uplifting.

“Bright color awakens our zest for life and instantly gives us a positive attitude and an optimistic edge,” says Henningsen, and we can second his words right away.

Glaze on hair

Among the trendy coloring trends in 2023, it is worth mentioning an interesting bleaching technique. The new trendy coloring technique with the appetizing name “glaze on the hair” has a lot in common with the already long familiar bebeelights, which combines melting and balayage.

So what is the peculiarity of frosting? The bleaching is carried out strand by strand with the creation of a visual effect of snow covering the tops of the trees. For coloring, cool lighter tones are usually chosen that contrast beautifully with the base, darker shade. If you are still undecided what color to dye your hair in, feel free to choose a combination of rich and light tones.

This 2023 hair coloring trend is a great option for those who have long wanted to switch to the blonde side, but were afraid to traumatize their already fragile locks with full bleaching. There is another tangible advantage of this type of coloring: the color is very easy to maintain. The main trick is the technology: the “glaze” is applied in such a way that the bleached strands are in harmony with the natural shade of the hair.

latest hair color trend

In what color to dye hair? A new look at the ombré

 Technique of coloring with the beautiful name “French gloss” has recently also been popular with visitors to beauty salons. The procedure is offered as an SOS-aid for tired hair, and its essence is not so much a dramatic change of color, as in giving the hair extra volume and shine. This trend in hair coloring in 2023 promises to be very popular.

The basis of the French technology was taken already long familiar to us balayage. The hair strands are only partially bleached with a mild oxidant, after which the rest of the hair is briefly covered with bleach-free dye. The master selects which color to dye your hair so that the shade blends perfectly with your natural color.

This coloring trend in 2023 is suitable for medium and long hair. Due to the gentle composition of the dye, which includes cationic polymers, each hair is enveloped in a protective capsule, and the hair instantly gets a healthy look and perfect shine. The dye is distributed along the length using a gradient technique, so the strands are colored in different shades, creating a modern ombré effect.

The choice of color is up to you! From cool ashy shades to saturated blush shades you can choose anything you like for lightening. One thing we know for sure: after this trendy coloring of 2023 your hair will look so rich and shiny, as if you ran it through filters in the photo editor!

Hair Contouring

Another fall/winter 2023 coloring trend. Hair contouring is a new reading of the money-piece technique that we already know. The essence remains the same: highlighting the hairs framing the face. Here is the main difference between contouring and money-piece: in the first case, facial hair is highlighted in softer color than in the second. Due to this, the contrast between the main shade and the strands near the face is insignificant.

Well, now let’s talk about the benefits of this hair coloring trend in 2023! Thanks to this technique, the face is visually stretched, and the facial features are corrected, as if after a competent contouring with makeup. To maintain the color after such partial lightening is not difficult. The main thing is to warn the master in time that he made the strands at the face only one or two shades lighter than your natural one. This way you’ll keep your hair in good condition and you’ll be on trend for sure!

Coloring Trends 2023 for Blonde Shades

Blonde tones never go out of style. The year 2023 will be no exception: among the fashionable hair colors, ash and vanilla blonde are leading the way.  The first option is especially good for those who want to mask the gray hair, but requires great skill from the colorist: you need to get rid of yellow pigments completely, giving your hair a noble silvery shade. You will have to use tinting balms regularly to maintain the cool shimmer of spectacular color.

Trendy vanilla blonde is a mix of silver, white, and yellow shades.If you are undecided. which color to dye your hair, warm or cool, then. perhaps this option is just right for you. Don’t try to lighten your hair on your own, go to an experienced professional.

Still relevant pink blonde, light caramel and platinum – these fashionable hair shades do not give up their positions in 2023. Pay attention: caramel shades will suit girls with warm skin colors, and platinum is very capricious and looks good only on white-skinned, and the undertones should be cool. When choosing pink shades, give preference to the lightest, barely noticeable accents.

Fashionable dark hair coloring in 2023

If you are not ready to experiment with blonde shades, do not worry: for brunettes 2023 also prepared a number of fashion trends. Firstly, in fashion beloved by many shades of chocolate, from bitter to milk.  Secondly, relevant are the coffee tones. They are good because they are equally suitable for the owners of skin with cold and warm shades. Thirdly, all sorts of chestnut shades are also in trend.

Young girls can experiment with matte black. This hair coloring trend for fall-winter 2022/2023 does not suit everyone. Remember that black draws attention to the face, and all the imperfections of the skin, lack of whiteness of the teeth and other defects will be especially visible to others. Are you ready for this effect? If yes, then you have a chance to make the image more vivid thanks to a spectacular “rock” shade.

Another controversial coloring trend in 2023 is winter cherry. Once such colors were chosen by ladies of age, and now, in combination with trendy clothes and outdated hairstyle this color can add a decade to your life. In addition, it is treacherous to emphasize all the redness on the skin and imperfections of the hair.  But if all this is not about you, a muted cherry tone can turn you into a real star.

Fashion Trends in Coloring 2023 for the Boldest


Among the fashionable hair shades of 2023 there are both muted tones and bright eye-catching shades. No one is surprised by pink or green strands anymore, but if you really want to stand out, here are some ideas.

Pixel and stencil coloring. On smooth straight hair, colored dyes are applied in the form of small squares, with which to form a pattern (pixel technique) or with the help of a stencil.  Not easy to perform, such coloring produces a stunning effect.

Red gradient. The usual smooth transitions of color now in a new, bright red, which becomes more and more intense towards the ends.

Concealed coloring. The top layer of hair has some discreet natural shade, and the bottom layer is contrasting or just very bright. Such coloring provides an interesting effect in the dynamics or when the hair is gathered in a hairstyle.